Aether is the ancient goddess of the sky




Ather appears as a gigantic woman with golden skin and hair dressed in robes of pure golden light, she often takes on the appearance of a poor air genisi woman draped in rages and covered in filth but with brilliant eyes and offers knowledge to those in need of it.


Aether is imprisoned deep within the earth far away from the freedom of the sky and the suns light the Living Gods trapped her after they defeated Ogun and Boann to help fully establish themselves as the new gods. Her powers over the sky's has all but been lost to her now but she still grants her blessings and divine magic in the light or knowledge domain to those who are still loyal to her.


Aether charges her followers with the protection of the sky she has lost almost all her power as she gains her power from the sun and absorbing its light

Sky Marshals

Are an order of paladins devoted to the protection of the sky and safe passage for all who use it and have created great air ships to accomplish this. They mostly hunt sky pirates tho they have been known to hunt down other monsters that grow too great in power. They wear Leather armor that allows them to easily attach themselves to the sky ships to make travel safer.


Aether's Feather - is a great feather that grants any who hold it the ability to fly indefinitely

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