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The're are four ancient god's of Prora, Ogun the lord of flame, Boann master of the sea's, Aether protector of the sky's, and Damu ruler of the earth.

The ancient god's were being of immersible power but constantly at war with each other they could find no peace as each sought to rule all of Prora for them self but the races of Prora were of no concern to them other then as ways for them to gain power and so each consumed the life energy of the living in hopes to over power the others, and when the world was finally on the brink of collapse and little life remained it was decided that the greatest among the still living would attempt to imprison the Ancient God's so that they could no longer destroy the world and they could begin to rebuild. The chosen few gathered all the power they could and drained the life almost compleatly from every living being that remained and set a trap for the gods to imprison each within a cell that would constantly drain there power and leave them in a weakened state from which they could do little to impact or damage the world. but when at least the trap was sprung all did not go as planed as a young thief named Rosco at the time interfered with the ritual and caused all of the Ancients god's power to drain into the members who tried to imprison them instead of the prisons they had made and in doing so ascended each to god hood well at the same time almost destroying each of the Ancient god's. With their new found powers they quickly created new prisons to hold the ancient god's. But the strain on the remaining peoples was great and few survived and so started the black age.

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