Boann is the Ancient goddess of water



She is a being both beautiful and deadly she has the body of a beautiful maiden from the waist up but a horrid kraken from the waist down her voice can be as strong as crashing waves in a violent storm or as calm as a windless summer day she will often take the form of a beautiful water Genasi with brilliant blue skin and long flowing green hair usually clad in a elaborate robe that swirls with blues and greens.


Boann is imprisoned within a great volcano and bound by ancient spells powered by Ogun that were put in place by the living gods her powers over the sea and water are all but trivial now tho she still grants her followers her blessings and her clerics divine magic in the tempest and death domain


Boann charges her follows with the extinction of Ogun's followers and gains power from the moon. Her mood is ever changing like the weather and sometimes takes a dark turn.


Her priestess and clerics wear robes blue or green in color and enchanted to allow them to breath underwater. they will often isolate themselves from society and live in secluded temples by the sea.

Crusaders of the crashing waves

is an order of paladins that devoted to freeing Boann from her fiery prison and destroying Ogun and his followers they wear special chain mail that never rusts and wear helmets that grant them the ability to breath under water and carry an amulet that allows them to transform in to mer-people


Boann's trident - a mighty trident that was lost at sea when Boann was imprisoned

Boann's net - a great net that was taken by Varren when she was defeated

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