The free city's is a nation that's most core belief is that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated this has caused the free city's to be viewed as a bastion of hope to many of the lower class citizens around the world.


The free city's lay claim to the entire Island of Venture.


The Free City's crest is a kite shield with a grey fort under a red rising sun emitting yellow rays on a field of leaf green.


The free city's is inhabited by all the races of Prora, and all are welcomed in the free cities with open arms.


The Free City's are ruled by a small counsel with two members from each of the major cities including: Refugees Landing, Hope, and Freeman's city. The, dwarven, Lost Brothers Hold also has two members on the counsel. Counsel members are only alowed to stay in power for five years before they are required to retire. Every year the counsel elects a member of the Military to act as a tie breaker in the event a decision can't be made.Tthis member of the council is removed from active service, and serves on the counsel until the next year when someone new is elected..


The free city's are some of the biggest trading hubs in the world with refugees landing always filled with immigrants looking to make a new life for themselves, or hide from their old one. The capital city of Hope is always filled with new trade goods from all over the world. The cities import almost everything immaginable other then slaves. Due to the large diversity of population, almost anyone can find a market for anything immaginable. Traders can also make money selling to other traders. The main exports of the Free City's are Lumber, grains, and mercenary's.



The free city's do not posses a class system and any man or woman can do anything they have the knowledge and resources to accomplish so long as it falls within the laws.

Some of the main laws that are told to new comers are

- all citizens must complete three years of mandatory military service

- all men and women are equal and shall be not be denied or given any special right

All schools of magic but necromancy are legal within the free city's though it is frowned upon to practice in public.


The free city's boast one of the largest military's in the world, although it is one of the worst trained with most on its members being Immigrants serving their mandatory three years of service to earn their citizenship 

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