Grim Ambercrown is the ruler of the Imperial Empire and is a man who was once a shining beacon of hope but not sits a shadow of the great man he once was.


Grim was born during the black age to a loving mother and father and two older brothers Aiden and Liam. He grew up in the town of Storm Hold and as a child he was full of hope which caught the attention of Varren. Varren believed that grim could change the world for the better and truly bring about the end of the dark age and so he disguised himself as a old man and wandered into town one day. Varren quickly caught the attention of the town as he told story's of his adventuring days and Grim was quick to seek him out and would often be found following Varren around and asking him to tell him story's and Varren grew to care for the boy a great deal and so it went on for many years and as Grim grew older Varren began to teach him the ways of the combat and honor and so when Grim turned 18 Varren gave him Light Bringer a powerful blade made of pure light. Grim wished to follow in Varren's foot steps and to become a great adventurer but Varren had greater plans for him he saw a great leader within Grim and instead he convinced him to try and become mayor of Storm Hold and so Grim did he worked hard for many years to build the community's trust in him and after five years it all paid off Grim was elected and the town loved him and Varren became his most trusted adviser. Varren pushed for Grim to form a true military within storm hold that could tame the wild lands all around them and civilize them and so preparations began and Storm hold grew over the years from a simple farming and fishing town to a small city with the start of a small army. Grim had accomplished a great deal in the last 20 years but his age was beginning to show he didn't move with the speed or strength of his youth Varren knew he had to do something to restore Grim but how could he without reveling his true self.

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