Luceal is the high goddess of death



Luceal is a being of both beauty and horror with the right half of her body being that of a beautiful young woman with golden hair and a bright green eye and pale skin and her left half being that of a horrid undead old woman with grey hair rotting skin and an eye socket filled with green light. She wears a robe of pure darkness and wields a great scythe, and is almost always accompanied by a crow who she tasks with gathering information as well as helping to guide any lost souls to the afterlife.


Luceal is the judge of souls and when a sentient creature di es it comes before Luceal for judgement. It is her who decides where on the Eternal Plains to send the recently departed, be it to the hall of heroes, the fog of memory, or the pits. She is a fair judge and looks at a persons entire life before choosing their eternal fate. She will rarelt allow a soul to be rejoined with its body as the shock will often destroy the soul unless is is particularly strong. She has a deep hatred towards those that raise mindless undead for there own biding as it harms the soul that used to inhabit the body. She is kind to the living and does not believe in killing only when there is a reason..


Luceal is not a frequently worshiped god as she has no need for prayers. Her power comes from the dead although most mortals will pay their respects to her when a friend or loved one dies. Unlike many other gods and goddesses Luceal has no permanent places of worship with her followers travelling all around the known world. 

At full strength her followers number 113, with 13 being her sacred number, these are her clerics and paladins with whom she shares her power. In this number are apprentices who are each lead by a soul guide, 12 Grim's, and the Reaper. An apprentice's study under a soul guide lasts until he/she dies or strong enough to be called a proper soul guide at which time they will seek out a grim to pronounce the apprentice a full soul guide. After becoming a soul guide they will eventually take on an apprentice of there own. The Grim's are Soul Guides of great power who are each chosen by Luceal and trained by the current Reaper. The Reaper is Luceal's chosen champion in the mortal world and leader of all her followers. Her Clerics tend to wear black clocks with deep hoods and carry a scythe as their weapon of choice. They are charged with the removal of undead from the world, guiding souls that get lost after death, and freeing trapped souls that were stolen or imprisoned.

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