Ogun is the ancient god of fire



Ogun is a being of pure fire physically he appears to have skin made of cracked stone and a great flame seems to burn within his chest and shine outwards from him he is gigantic in size and radiates heat so intense that it melts anything none magical within a hundred feet of him his voice is harsh and almost painful to listen to and seems to radiate with rage he will sometimes take the the form of a fire genasi with black skin that is cracking and seeming to be bursting with inner light and hair that looks as if is made of flame and a long robe made of simple red cloth.


Ogun is imprisoned deep within a great glacier and bound by ancient spells powered by Boann put in place by the living gods he is but a shadow of his former self tho he is still able to grant his followers his blessings and grant them divine powers in the Trickery or war domain


Ogun charges his followers with bringing him sacrifices to maintain and increases his power and the destruction of Boann's followers. Ogun loves tricks and combat above all else


Ogun's Clerics wear red robes or special leather armor designed to grant them protection from extreme heat his clerics and priests preform ritual sacrifices with his temples usually being in isolated placed near volcanoes and or places where lava comes to the surface

Flame bringers

Is an order of Paladins devoted to freeing Ogun from his Prison deep within the great glcier by destroying Boann's followers and all who worship her they wear special plate mail that allows them to survive in extreme heat and the higher ranking Paladins wield swords blessed by Ogun's Priests that are molten hot and can burst into flame on command.


Plate of Eternal Flame - Plate mail that was created by Ogun as a gift for his champion

Sword of Eternal Flame - A great sword built to match the plate mail created by Ogun

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