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Welcome to the Prora the lost world Wikia

feel free to start on other things if you like just run it by me quickly if you think its big

feel free to add notes to pages already done if you have ideas about them or to add to them

try to add to do lists to pages being worked on

also thanks for fixing all my grammar and spelling and what not

Major to do list

- finish races

- figure out how magic works

-need guilds and orders

-make some home brew items

-gods need to be worked on (you should make a god or a couple gods the dragon born worship make them living gods or if you want create another subclass of gods just run it by me

needs grammar and spell check

- shattered land's

- Void Stone

- Grim Ambercrown

- Brotherhood of knowledge

- Eternal Plains

- Luceal should be good now.

- mage bane

- Ventam

- Free City's

For Players

The world

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