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* [[Lost Brothers Hold]]
* [[Lost Brothers Hold]]
* [[Ironroot Hold]]
* [[Ironroot Hold]]
* [[Deepiron Hold]]
* [[Grimspear Hold]]
* [[Crystal Hold]]
* [[Crystal Hold]]
* [[Copperfist Hold]]
== Races of Prora ==
== Races of Prora ==
* Done
* Done

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Welcome to the Prora the lost world Wikia

hopefully this will make it easier keep track of lore and make research easy for you guys

The world of Prora

Prora is a world filled with many diverse cultures and races it is made up of two super continents the silvermors and valedge and a few smaller islands the free citys, daggerfell, and the elven islands.

Empires and Kingdoms


Ungoverned lands

Dwarven holds

Races of Prora


Prora is a world full of magic and wonders where the gods walk among the mortals and anyone can ascend to god hood

Living gods

Ancient gods

Nobel titles, Military ranks and Civilian Ranks

The world of Prora is filled with people from all walks of life from Emperor's to Refugee's


Nobles are born into power or granted lands and titles by other high nobles

  • Living God
  • High nobles (Royal Highness)
    • Emperor
    • King
  • Low Nobles ( Lords)
    • marquess
    • Earl
    • Viscount
    • Baron
  • lesser nobles (Sir, Ma'am)
    • Baronet
    • Knight
  • Burghers
    • Patrician
    • Citizen
  • peasants
    • Yeoman
    • Commoner
    • Serf
    • Refugee


Almost all Professional Military's posses a ranking system to provide structure and establish a chain of command.


  • General
  • Colonel
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Member

  • Warrant Officer
  • Sargent
  • Master Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Private

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