The Ventam are an ancient Order that seeks to maintain the balance of the world and never again let it fall into darkness. All there members are gifted with the powers of Ko-sun and almost all have been part of the order there entire lives.


The Ventam have a very loose ranking system with little structure with all members have equal say within the order

Apprentice - an apprentice is a member of the order who has not yet completed there training and is taught ether by a Knight or a Master they must pass many trials before they are seen as ready to become a Knight of the order.

Knight - a Knight is a full member of the order who has not yet trained an apprentice they are the most common rank

Master - a master is a member who has trained at least one apprentice


There is no uniform that the Ventam wear with members deciding on what suits there lifestyle best, the only similarity that all members share is the blades they carry are Crafted from Cruson crystal and glow with inner power when wielded by a person who posses Ko-sun magic every blade is personally crafted when a member completes their final test as an apprentice and becomes a full member of the order. The blades are one of five colours ether Green, red, blue, black, or yellow.


The Ventam seek to bring balance to the world and maintain order


- balance must always be maintained

- order must be restored when it is lost

- emotion clouds our judgment and brings chaos

- knowledge is a tool ignorance is a burden



The order was once part of the Imperial empire but separated when the empire turned from the god Varen and forsake his teachings

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